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Will My Business Be Successful? Three Ways To Help Ensure The Answer Is Yes

  What is entrepreneurship? It is perhaps the most misunderstood career. I would argue that it’s not a career at all; it’s a lifestyle. I’ve helped over 10,000 companies get registered. I’ve consulted with a lot of entrepreneurs, and one of the most common questions people who are excited about their new business ventures ask […]

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Meet La-Croi

Los Angeles based Veles, Inc. introduces La Croi organics. Business Rocket Client Profile – August 2019 The La Croi brand was launched in order to deliver a true gourmet experience to health conscious, upscale consumers. The goal was to offer compelling new choices in the expanding organic and specialty foods retail market with a focus […]

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Meet our Clients accepted into Forbes Business Development Council

Forbes Business Development Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Senior-Level Sales and Business Development Executives Los Angeles, CA 07/31/2019 —, a business registration company for small business, has been accepted into Forbes Business Development Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level sales and business development executives. Alex Chernavsky, CEO & Founder of, was vetted […]

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Zero Activity Tax Return

Should I File a Tax Return for my Business if I did not have any Activity?

We are here to help people reach their dreams when they start a business. But when you first get on the road as an entrepreneur, there is a lot to learn. As well as the marketplace you operate in you may need support in getting your business off the ground. This is our core business […]

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Business Tax Resources

How Should I Incorporate My Small Business

How Should I Incorporate My Small Business (Sole Proprietor)?

Full Question: My small cleaning business currently has eight employees and makes around $500,000 per year. To protect my personal assets, I’d like to incorporate — but I’m not sure which option is best for me. Should I go with an LLC, an S-Corp or a C-Corp? bad credit loans guaranteed approval monthly paymentscharges costlyone […]

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Bloomberg News

Angel Acquisition Corp. Teams Up With Business Rocket.Net

Angel Acquisition Corp. Teams Up With Business Rocket.Net CARSON CITY, NV — (MARKET WIRE) — 07/08/09 — Angel Acquisition Corp. (OTCBB: AGEL) is pleased to announce that the Company has formed a strategic partnership with Business Rocket, a Business Solution web site portal (, to provide a fast and easy start-up process for any company. […]

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