Transportation License Registration

How Does the Process Work? has developed an efficient, simple and cost friendly process to obtain your passenger carrier license from the California Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”). We’ll help guide you throughout the entire process and even provide you with FREE consulting services to all  Uber prospects.

The 7-Step Process:


Register your Business

Prior to starting the TCP process, a driver/owner needs to have a registered business in California. We have started over 10,000 companies and will be able to assist you in determining what type of business structure fits your needs.


Apply for the TCP

The initial application to the PUC will start the process, however, additional work will needs to be done. The benefit of starting the application process is that it confirms your place in line and allows you obtain all additional documents while the PUC processes the initial application; that way you do not waste anytime.


DMV Pull Notice Program

The DMV Pull Notice program is an essential part of the PUC process; you cannot finalize the PUC application without obtained a Requestors Code from the DMW Pull Notice. It is important to start this process as early as possible due to the fact the DMV is currently backlogged.


Help you find the proper insurance carrier

Insurance carriers offer vastly different insurance quotes, it is important to price shop different carriers to determine the best price for your company. currently works with many insurance providers that offer discounted rates exclusively to our clients.


Help you with your Commercial Car Registration

the PUC has specific requirements that apply to the vehicle Registration process, please DO NOT register your vehicle prior to speaking with one of our customer service representatives to avoid unnecessary complications.


Help you with locating the proper Drug Test Facility

the PUC has a specific list of authorized drug testing facilities. We will locate the closest facilities to you. Additionally, works closely with the drug test facilities to ensure all your results get transmitted to the PUC office efficiently and accordingly.


Finalize the Application

Once the Commercial Vehicle

Registration, Insurances, Budgets and Drug Tests are completed, we will prepare final documents for the PUC and prepare you for your first day of business.

How Much Does This Cost?

Our Regular Fee for a PUC license is $350.00. However, all Uber Drivers qualify for a discounted rate of only (State Fees are separate!)